NY Process Service Inc. was established by William E. Wittenhagen, a process server with over 15 years experience in New York City and Long Island before relocating to the Hudson Valley 7 Years ago.

NYPS has established personal relationships with All County, City and Town Courts in the Hudson Valley.

NYPS prides itself on being a Problem-Solving and Rush Service Specialist.

NYPS provides services throughout New York State and have contacts across the country for the service of process. 

NYPS has a personally-trained staff who provide prompt and effective Service of Process and Court Services.

NYPS has resources to locate and serve the necessary parties. We also provide services to ease our client's burdens in litigation matters by the filing of documents such as Summons and Complaints, So-Ordered Subpoenas, Affidavits of Service and various Motions.

NYPS can also help prepare for trial by serving subpoenas, retrieving signed orders, answering calendar calls for submission of papers, reviewing court records and ensuring that subpoenaed documents are received by the courts.